Welcome to Predictive BioCompounds Inc. We are pioneering a revolutionary approach to pharmaceutical discovery.

Using advanced machine learning techniques and marine data, we predict the presence of bioactive compounds in marine macroalgae to accelerate drug discovery and create a healthier future.


Unlocking The Potential Of Marine Macroalgae

Embarking on a new era of pharmaceutical research

Fusing natural marine resources with artificial intelligence for drug discovery

Pioneering the untapped potential of marine macroalgae


The Challenges of Traditional Drug Discovery

High cost and time-consuming traditional drug discovery processes

Limited sustainable and bio-based sources for drug development

Uncharted territories of biodiversity untapped for therapeutic uses


Predictive BioCompounds – A New Frontier in Biotech

Leveraging marine macroalgae for revolutionary drug discovery

Streamlining the drug discovery process using predictive AI models

A sustainable and efficient approach to pharmaceutical research

A Robust Untapped Market

Growing demand and market potential in the pharmaceutical drug discovery sector

Burgeoning algae products market promising lucrative business prospects

The rising role of AI in drug discovery, validating our business model

Innovation at the Confluence of Nature & Technology

Proprietary predictive models powered by exhaustive research and advanced analytics

Expert consultation services in marine bioactive compound exploration

Ambition to develop proprietary pharmaceutical products using our predictive models


Meet the Pioneers

Expert founding team with unique blend of expertise in technology, laws, software solutions, and computational biology

Key Advisory personnel with rich experience in infectious disease modelling and research grants

A strong recruitment strategy targeting diverse and dynamic professionals

Contact: info@pbi.bio